bathroomDo you need a step-by-step guide for bathroom redesigning? I am here to unlock all steps which make this process super comfortable for you. Here are some steps you need to follow.

Set a theme in mind

For this purpose, I suggest you explore different bathroom designs. Online blogs make it easy for you to discover a wide variety of design. There are some themes which are quite eye-catching such as red –white, black-white and black and golden. However, when you pick trendy themes, you have to put a little more effort since buying the matching theme items is not an easy job. So, pick a theme wisely.

Decide what to change

Now take a close look at your bathroom and see what you should change. Redesigning the whole bathroom is a costly option. If some of your items are working fine then you don’t need to replace them. Another idea is to sale your existing toilet, bathtub, etc in a flea market and then use this cash for buying the best toilet on shoptoilet, bathtub, shower, and bathroom furniture.

New Or Second-hand items

When the budget is limited then you should visit a flea market, dollar store, and pawn shop. Instead of grabbing new items altogether, you can think of repurposing the old items. For example, if you can find an old vanity cabinet you can enhance its beauty simply by changing its color and knobs.

New flooring

When the old floor is damaged and doesn’t look good then it is important to replace it. One must pay attention to floor quality, design and look. You have different flooring options such as marble floor, tile floor, and hardwood floor. The marble floor is easy to clean but it has less scratch resistance. Hardwood floor, on the other hand, is quite an expensive option but it lasts longer than the other two options. Tile flooring gives you great flexibility in terms of design and price. You can pick an affordable option by visiting the different market. Keep in mind that your floor pattern and theme must match to a theme you have already set.

Wall paint or Panels

This is another important step which requires your due consideration and comparative analysis. Wall paint is a good choice, it let you set a theme in minutes. However, when you need exquisite appeal into space and need a rugged touch then panels look really great. They can be installed easily and you can use different shades to enhance their beauty and texture.

Ceiling and Lights

Make sure that you pay attention to your ceiling upgrade as well. Pop and fancy ceilings are high in demand. But you can keep thing simples with tray ceilings and integrated accent lights. The idea is to illuminate the bathroom and give it a wide/ airy space impression through the new design.

Decor elements

You can change the look of your bathroom simply by replacing the old round mirror with new rectangular framed mirror. This might be a little change but it can make a big difference. It is good to install some light alongside your mirror just to bring the fancy element into your bathroom. When your bathroom vanity has a countertop then adore its beauty with flower long vases and other decorative items.

If you follow these steps then bathroom redesign process will become so easy for you.