The idea of vertical wooden boards installed evenly in the ground was originated as an economical way for colonists to mark off the boundaries of their properties. Now, the concept of picket fencing gives a certain sense of style of domestic boundary that was prominent years ago for decoration purpose.

Picket fencing, likewise its popularity in history, is still in demand worldwide. It, traditionally and presently, continues to offers a terrific, elegant and aesthetically appealing look to your home. Alongside the purpose of decoration, it also helps to cordon off the house from invasion—keeping children and animals from entering into the house or the garden whilst keeping the area wide open.

Similarly, picket fencing Sydney provides residents with a wide range of choices to give the desired look to their homes with an uninterrupted view into and out of the yard.

Different types of picket fences

The idea originated years ago in America is still one of the most recognized fencing styles in the world. It, unlike history, has a wide variety of shapes and designs now. Some of the commonly used designs are;

  • Square top picket
  • Capped picket
  • Gothic picket
  • Gate arbor picket
  • Acron picket
  • Round top picket
  • Colonial picket

With today’s wide range of options, a little consultation with Sydney picket fence builders can be helpful. The picket fence Sydney professionals will help you chose the best design that suits your house landscape and structure.

Choose your color

Originally the designs were in white color, as most of the colonial houses were white. But there is no rule book that adheres to this. Any color of choice or combination of colors (complementing colors) can be created to give a stunning finishing to the design.

Before selecting a color for picket fencing, Sydney residents need to consider multiple factors.  It is good to keep the color of picket fence color near to natural (maybe in grey shade) that easily blends with nearby tree trunks.

Wood for your fence

Similarly, Sydney residents can also choose the wood of their choice for fencing. If you want to leave it natural, Clear Deodar is considered a good option. And no painting is recommended for it. Redwood can also be an option but it is unsuitable for painting. Don’t opt for it if you want a painted finish. The soft wood of pine, spruce or fir can be used for a painted finish.

Different uses of picket fences

Traditionally, picket fencing was not limited to homes but cricket fields were also usually enclosed by it. So in Sydney, it can also be utilized to fence sport fields, park and picnic areas.

With your preferred style, color and material, you can decorate your yard.


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