Kit Sheds

Kit sheds are becoming an increasingly common purchase and project across Australia, as more and more people in both domestic and professional capacities realise the affordability and endless versatility of such buildings. What was once something of a major investment and lengthy undertaking only within the capabilities of the trained professional, is now entirely possible by the amateur, who are fully capable of producing quite spectacular results. One of the frustrations many people experience from the DIY approach is obtaining advice and guidance, and sourcing all the materials and equipment. At National Sheds we do all the hard work for you and provide a full kit with all the materials and components, such as roller doors, included and deliver it to your door.

Kit Sheds are an affordable solution to your storage needs

One of the key problems is that the majority of people believe that all sheds are very much alike in terms of quality and specification; therefore remain entirely unaware as to what they should be looking for in order to determine those of quality and those to be avoided. While it is certainly valuable advice to read up on such matters and ensure that the shed supplied meets Australian ShedSafe standards. Needless to say, the vast majority of buyers and builders will be primarily concerned with overall costs in relation to the quality of the final structure, it is certainly true to say that with sheds. As with most things in life, you usually get exactly what they pay for. You can save money in the short term by getting a non ShedSafe shed but these do not meet the design standards in Australia to earn this industry accreditation.

There is also no shortage of kit shed suppliers across the country, which can make the process of comparing specifications and prices quite a task to say the least. Some of the most important factors is that it is always worth looking out for details such as C section wides, garage door heights and whether or not any welding is required, along with the consideration of the main structural components. kit sheds adelaide Generally speaking, there is a degree of common sense required in the selection process with regard to the strength, thickness and durability of the construction materials selected, which although time consuming is nothing short of essential in sourcing a kit of quality. Make sure the supplier is using Australian Bluescope steel by keeping an eye out for their logo as some major suppliers don’t but try to prevent they do.

Make sure you are comparing “like for like”, the less the kit shed weights, the less you’re getting

When the focus turns to the matter of comparing prices and value, it is essential to ensure that costs are accurately compared on a ‘like for like’ basis, as it is all too common for buyers to opt for cheaper kits which seem better value on the surface, but turn out to exclude vital components which subsequently increase overall costs significantly. The very simplest advice is to opt for the very highest quality option, the budget in question can stretch to, as compromises in favor of affordability rarely prove economic in the longer term.

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