One good indicator that a person is neat or tidy is the idea that he polishes his shoes to give it a superior and shiny look. The same is true for our house. When a visitor sees his image on the floor, the first impression would greatly be associated with the host.

Long before floor polishing in Maryborough became famous, the floor wax was the one standing on the pedestal. Though it is still used today conventionally, modern living has reached greater heights by setting up floors from a wide array of special materials complimented with unique ingredients for an ever elegant finish.

By connotation, floor polishing involves removing dirt, applying or pouring polishers on the surface and wiping or mopping it until you get the best results. This is not the case today, considering that aside from floors that are covered with carpets, the kind of polishing depends on the floor material used in construction. Below are some of its examples:

Linoleum floors

This is made of natural materials such as pine rosin, wood flour, and mineral fillers, etc. in order to build its base and foundation. It’s way cheaper than tiles. Polishing is done by using water, commercial floor cleaner and multi-surface floor cleaner spray with fresh linen scent.

Floor Tiles

Two of the most commonly used tiles are the vinyl and the and the stone-like porcelain. Though more expensive than linoleum, it can be polished with vinegar mixture and club soda using a circular or conventional mop.

Marble floors

It is another flooring material that is also considered as tiles. This type of floor is prone to hardened particles and different forms of stains. To polish it perfectly, floor polishers thoroughly sweep and vacuum the surface to be polished and apply commercial stone polish or marble-polishing paste. Since marbles are sensitive from scratch, chamois cloth is used to rub the surface or a rag made from micro-fibre cloth.

Hardwood floors

Ever wondered about the best varieties of wood that are ideal for floors? The most sought after in the market is red oak. Other species like maple, ash, and mahogany belong to premium hardwoods as well. Floor polishers usually remove or set aside furniture and clean the area by sweeping or by a vacuum cleaner. After which, they apply a commercial wood floor cleaner or a mixture of dish soap combined with water to eliminate bad odour.

Top 5 reasons to choose floor polishing in Maryborough

  • Customers are given a free quote before the actual floor polishing procedure. With this, the transaction is transparent, by way of knowing how much should be paid for a specific service. In case there are miscellaneous charges, which usually happens when there are items personally brought by the servicemen to complete the job, customers purchase the item based on company price.
  • Competitive prices allow clients to choose from a wide variety of floor polishing services. It’s never too high and never too low. Just right for the budget in your pockets.
  • Floor polishers work professionally according to company standards and policies. Customers will not need to worry about repeat jobs, since the guys know what they are doing.
  • Highly qualified customer service representatives take your concern as if it was their own. One good reason why the feeling of a family member abides within the request and the job to be done for your benefit.

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