Roller Doors in Newcastle

Roller doors are types of doors which consist of slats hinged together to form a flat surface like a curtain. When opening a roller door, raise the slats from the bottom after unlocking the fasteners and the slats will be pulled up by mechanised springs up. In the case of large doors, they are motorised to make work easier when opening and closing the doors. Here are some things to know before you install a new garage roller door.

Parts of a roller door

  • Slats: these are roll-formed steel; they can be single or multi-walled. Either way, they can be hollow or insulated in design. They can also be in the form of stainless steel or aluminium.
  • Roller: made of steel and supported from either end by a plate.
  • Shutter box: an aluminium extrusion like a box designed to shield shutter’s inner components
  • Shutter spring: a torsion spring made from spring wire, this is what pulls up the slats when closing the door to save you efforts, there is another type of spring called flat spring which is made from hardened steel strip-like, for example, C67, SAE1070, Ck67, etc.
  • Guide rail: this is a steel or aluminium that is meant to retain the shutter curtain in between the opening. It could be weather-sealed to improve product life and reduce vibrations.
  • Bottom slat: this may be steel or aluminium or even PVC that matches the rest of the shutter curtain. A safety edge can be added in the form of rubber or weather seal to reduce draught.
  • Lock: lock is used to secure the slats in place. It can be bullet lock or slide lock used to manually secure the curtain slats. Slim locks can be installed within the last slat. It should have bars that lock the shutter firmly on to the guide rail.


Advantages of roller doors

  • Protection against burglar: they are firm and hard to difficult to break into if you don’t have access keys.
  • Protection against whirlwind: it provides opaque protection against wild wind.
  • Rain protection: no rain enters into the inside of a building closed using the roller doors
  • Protection against fire: everything else will burn up except the roller doors. In the fire outbreak from the entrance, the fire will be shielded from burning through.
  • Used to protect other doors: you can use roller doors in front of wooden doors or glass doors to protect them from physical breakages.

Where to use roller doors

  • Doors for vans
  • Garage yards
  • Hardware shops
  • Kitchens
  • School gates
  • Prisons wards
  • Warehouses
  • General shops
  • Windows in high story buildings


Types of roller doors

There are several roller door types as listed below:

  • Built-on roller shutter doors: shutter-box fixed on to the exterior facade of the building
  • Built-in roller shutter-doors: shutter-box built-in to the lintel above the window
  • Integrated roller shutter: combined as a single unit
  • Roller shutter with tilting louvres: shutters with laths and tilts
  • Manual: it has gear drive from the shutter that will allow you to easily pull up or down
  • Manual tape: opened by lifting or lowering the handle
  • Spring Assist: the spring will pull up the rollers when you pull up a little, the spring assist takes over to the toll
  • Motorised/electric: fitted with a tabular motor or electric.


Roller doors are the most sophisticated method of preventing unauthorised access to stores, buildings, supermarkets, etc. If you consider shopping for one, I assure you will get the best fit just around here in Newcastle.


How to Merge Age-old Picket Fencing with the New

The idea of vertical wooden boards installed evenly in the ground was originated as an economical way for colonists to mark off the boundaries of their properties. Now, the concept of picket fencing gives a certain sense of style of domestic boundary that was prominent years ago for decoration purpose.

Picket fencing, likewise its popularity in history, is still in demand worldwide. It, traditionally and presently, continues to offers a terrific, elegant and aesthetically appealing look to your home. Alongside the purpose of decoration, it also helps to cordon off the house from invasion—keeping children and animals from entering into the house or the garden whilst keeping the area wide open.

Similarly, picket fencing Sydney provides residents with a wide range of choices to give the desired look to their homes with an uninterrupted view into and out of the yard.

Different types of picket fences

The idea originated years ago in America is still one of the most recognized fencing styles in the world. It, unlike history, has a wide variety of shapes and designs now. Some of the commonly used designs are;

  • Square top picket
  • Capped picket
  • Gothic picket
  • Gate arbor picket
  • Acron picket
  • Round top picket
  • Colonial picket

With today’s wide range of options, a little consultation with Sydney picket fence builders can be helpful. The picket fence Sydney professionals will help you chose the best design that suits your house landscape and structure.

Choose your color

Originally the designs were in white color, as most of the colonial houses were white. But there is no rule book that adheres to this. Any color of choice or combination of colors (complementing colors) can be created to give a stunning finishing to the design.

Before selecting a color for picket fencing, Sydney residents need to consider multiple factors.  It is good to keep the color of picket fence color near to natural (maybe in grey shade) that easily blends with nearby tree trunks.

Wood for your fence

Similarly, Sydney residents can also choose the wood of their choice for fencing. If you want to leave it natural, Clear Deodar is considered a good option. And no painting is recommended for it. Redwood can also be an option but it is unsuitable for painting. Don’t opt for it if you want a painted finish. The soft wood of pine, spruce or fir can be used for a painted finish.

Different uses of picket fences

Traditionally, picket fencing was not limited to homes but cricket fields were also usually enclosed by it. So in Sydney, it can also be utilized to fence sport fields, park and picnic areas.

With your preferred style, color and material, you can decorate your yard.


Post and Rail Fencing

Post and rail fencing refers to a fencing system which is made up of timber posts and railings. There are three variations of a fencing system which includes, cleft, half-round and square cut posts. This kind of fencing isn’t just for keeping the live stocks within boundaries but also used for demarcating the boundaries of your property. This is one way to ensure that trespassers don’t enter your home. Plus another benefit is that this kind of fencing looks attractive and doesn’t obscure the view of your home.

The post and rail fencing is quite popular with property owners. This is because it has an attractive design. The posts and railings can be customised to create a classy looking fencing system. It’s sturdy yet aesthetically appealing at the same time. And this kind of fencing doesn’t need to be used for large property areas but can be just as attractive on small to mid-sized garden spaces.

The post and rail fencing is somewhat of a rustic appeal which not only serves its purpose well but can add a quaint look to any surrounding it is added. The vertical posts with horizontal rails has a picturesque and charming impact on the way your outdoor space looks.

Another important factor which adds to its popularity is its cost effective design. It can last for quite a number of years. The fencing also requires very little upkeep and maintenance. Some posts come with a long warranty. Make sure you talk to your contractor regarding how long you can expect the fencing to last.

The fences have a natural country side type of look. This is because of the design. The posts have small holes drilled into them which makes it easy to fix the railings and save hours of labour. You can expect your fencing to be completed within a short time span.

Tips for making the most of post and rail fencing

  • Make sure that the contractor makes use of pressure treated posts. This makes the posts a great deal sturdier ad can allow you to use the fencing for long periods of time.
  • Adding galvanised wire to the post and railing fencing can make it a good enclosure for keeping your pets within safe.
  • Dense foliage can be allowed to grow on the fencing which makes it ideal for home owners with livestock and younger children to prevent them from getting hurt.
  • The fencing can also help care for new plants which have been planting because these offer good support.
  • Post and railing fencing works well for everyone, from homeowners and gardeners as well as livestock farmers. It adds protection to the same without compromising on its aesthetic appeal.
  • When choosing a fencing system make sure you take advice from the contractor. They would be able to tell you which design and kind of fencing system you would require.
  • Also keep in mind to never compromise on the quality of the material. A good quality fencing system can last for years.