Barns are far from the niche construction they may once have been, thanks in no small part to their increased availability and low purchase prices across the board. As such, more and more people in various domestic and agricultural capacities are considering the inclusion of a barn of some description in their living or working environments in order to fully utilize what is essentially an incredibly versatile structure. Of course, the range and scope for barn designs is as endless as their ultimate useful purpose, therefore a high degree of care and attention is required when it comes to planning and building barns, with many important factors to be taken into account. That being said, American barns remain the most popular option by far. Whether used for equestrian stables, livable structures, or indeed anything else for that matter.

Livable Barn Designs

American Barns in general are an addition considered for developments somewhat on the larger side, such as riding schools or livery yards, and are designed primarily to keep everything required under a single roof. This can include the animals themselves, supplies and even offices or washroom areas. American barns are becoming increasingly popular and are most commonly built from scratch on a concrete foundation.

Barns are a Versatile Solutions to Your Farming Needs

It is essential for all potential builders to bear in mind that unless it is fully possible to prove that horses are to be kept within a barn for agricultural purposes, the barn in question will be considered a structure which exists for commercial or recreational purposes. A barn structure might require full and formal planning permission for council. Furthermore, it may be worth bearing in mind that planning authorities sometimes favor specific colours to be used in its area.

When approaching a new building project, one of the best things a person can do, is visit functioning facilities similar to their own in order to fully assess the pros and cons of the various barn design types. Furthermore, viewing older examples in order to see which stand the test of time, and which are more prone to deterioration. You can rest assured that all National Sheds have passed the most stringent tests in Australia in our goal to receive the ShedSafe accrediation.

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